Watch this free workshop to learn the simple step-by-step process to become a virtual assistant:

  • WITHOUT having to go back to school
  • WITHOUT having to spam your friends and family on social media
  • WITHOUT having to move to a bigger city
  • AND in less time than you think!


Are you tired of...

Having to ask permission to take time off from work? 
Working more and not getting paid (or even recognized) for your extra efforts?

Waiting until your next review to get a raise?

You're starting to wonder... are you ever going to get out of your current situation and start building the life you've always dreamed of?

If you just raised your hand (or shook your head just a little), I'll let you in on a secret.

The fastest way to solve any (and all) of these problems is by starting your own business. But don't just start any business. The best business to solve all of these problems is a virtual assistant business.

Right now, you might be wondering why a virtual assistant business is the best business to start. I'll tell you why.

Starting a VA business is a simple way to build a stable and consistent income using the skills you already have.

With a VA business, you'll be able to...

Skip the multi-level marketing.
Never have to spam your friends on Facebook.
Dismiss any worry about going back to school to get another degree, moving to a bigger city, working around someone else's schedule, or even leaving your house.

But why is a virtual assistant business right for you?

Here's how I discovered it was right for me.

My Story

I’m Kayla Sloan, and I’m the go-to virtual assistant for the online personal finance community, where I consistently make at least $10,000 a month.

But life wasn't always this easy.

A few years ago, I was flat broke and in debt. I didn't know how I was going to pay for my basic necessities, like groceries, insurance, and gas for my car so I could get to work

...let alone paying for the fun things in life, like:

  • getting to order whatever I wanted on the menu while dining out (instead of ordering a small salad and forgoing any drink other than water)
  • traveling to sunny locations to escape the long mid-western winter
  • buying myself something nice simply because I wanted to

To top it all off, after a painful divorce, I found myself needing to come up with a way to provide for myself with a stable and consistent income.

So, I dug in my heels and started my VA business out of necessity. I didn't just want to earn extra income on top of my job, I needed it.

Through a lot of trial and error, I grew my VA business from $0 to $10K per month of consistent income.

That's why I created... $10K VA®

$10K VA® teaches the exact process I followed to earn a consistent $10,000+ per month!

In $10K VA, I will show you exactly how to...

  • Pitch and land your first (and second, and third...) client, so that you can build a stable monthly income
  • Set your initial rate, and how to raise it, so you get paid what you're worth for every new skill you learn
  • Onboard your clients like a pro, and how to protect yourself and your business for every possible situation
  • Create a system for efficiency so that you can maximize your billable hours

"I have absolutely made my money back (and then some!)"

Ashley Nicole

"Kayla, I just wanted to reach out and tell you thank you! I have absolutely made my money back and then some with the purchase of your course. All but one of my clients is from the leads you share with qualified students! I seriously love my clients!"

Is $10K VA® right for me?

  • I'm ready to start taking control of when I work, and how much money I earn

  • I want the freedom to work for myself, without the ache of a commute

  • I have skills, but I need some guidance on how to make them pay the bills

  • I'm not afraid to work hard to get things done

  • I need solid advice from someone who has been right where I am now!

What exactly is included in $10K VA®?

💻 Module 1: 

What is a Virtual Assistant?

  • The Definition and Origins of the Term VA
  • What Does a VA Do?
  • Designing Your Business: Deciding What Services to Offer
  • No Education Required! 7 Simple Skills for VA Success
  • The Benefits of Being a VA

💻 Module 2: 

How to Find and Pitch VA Jobs

  • Where to Look First for VA Jobs
  • How to Land Your First Client
  • Perfecting Your Pitch
  • How to Get More Clients by Referrals

💻 Module 3: 

Pricing Services and Getting Paid

  • How Much Should a Beginner VA Charge?
  • The Foolproof Formula to Calculate an Accurate Hourly Rate
  • How to Raise Prices Over Time
  • Stop Charging Hourly! 3 Other Ways to Price VA Services
  • How to Send Invoices and What You Need to Know About PayPal

💻 Module 4: 

Building Client Relationships the Right Way

  • 6 Must-Haves for Your VA Contract
  • How to Onboard Your Clients Like a Pro
  • Setting Client Boundaries
  • Overcoming 6 Common Client Objections
  • How to Part Ways Gracefully When You Fire a Client

💻 Module 5: 

Running the Day-to-Day as a $10K VA®

  • Creating a Schedule that Works
  • Productivity: How to Get a Lot Done in a Little Amount of Time
  • Juggling Multiple Client Responsibilities

💻 Module 6: 

Making Your Business Legit

  • Building a Portfolio
  • How to Market Your Business
  • Do You Need a Business Plan?
  • An Introduction to Taxes
  • Deciding How to Pay Yourself
  • Defending Your Workday

💻 Module 7: 

Up-Level your VA Business

  • Earning More as a One Woman (or Man) Show
  • Creating Systems for Faster Work
  • Outsourcing and Creating a VA Agency
  • The $10K VA® Mindset

When you enroll today, you also get these bonuses worth $1500+!

Interviews with successful virtual assistants ($850 value)

Chonce Maddox

Chonce is a full-time freelance writer and virtual assistant. In her bonus video, she shares how she manages two types of work in her business.

Kristin Larsen

Kristin specializes as a Pinterest VA and explains why she decided to focus on such a narrow niche.

Kim Studdard

 With a unique approach to building her business through referrals, Kim has grown her business enough to bring her husband home from his job too! She shares how she did it all in her bonus video.

Lynette Davis

Lynette focuses her business on working with women she admires. In her bonus video, she shares why she only works with women and why she doesn't choose to call herself a VA as her title. 

Carrie S. Nicholson

Carrie started as a VA until she got burned out. But after freelance writing for a couple of years, she turned back to her roots and is working as a VA again! She tells all about her journey in her video! 

Denise Donaldson

Denise is a long-time VA who is located in Ireland. Her US-based clients actually see her time zone difference as a benefit for their businesses, and she’s seen her business grow without having a website of her own! Find out how and why these things work to her benefit in this bonus module!

Drew Duboff

Drew started his VA business during college. His first year in business, he earned nearly $10,000 in revenue while attending college full-time, serving as the president of a large on-campus club, working as a part-time campus dining employee, and a whole lot of other things. He discusses how to balance it all while growing your VA business and how he found his niche working as a customer service VA with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs. 

Charlotte Baker

Charlotte explains how she get started working as a virtual assistant later in life and how she scaled her business to become a project manager. She also discusses important topics like how to manage stress as a VA, how to deal with difficult clients, and more. 

Michelle Mangen

Michelle is a VA who found new growth opportunities when she pivoted to working in Bookkeeping & Accounting. She also discusses why she stopped calling herself a VA and how she improved her self-worth along the way, leading her to charge higher rates to her clients and scale her business.  


  • Closed Facebook Group for $10K VA Students ONLY (worth $99 per month)

    Connect with Kayla and other VAs inside the students-only Facebook group. You can bounce ideas off one another, learn more about pricing services, and more!

  • Worksheets, Plug-and-Play Templates, and Action Items (worth $199)

    Get downloadable worksheets, checklists, and more at no extra cost. These are available with several lessons throughout the course to keep you motivated and making progress with growing your business.

  • A Direct Connection to Kayla's Network of Clients Seeking VAs (worth: PRICELESS)

    Students who complete the course have the option to upgrade to a more advanced package (Pro) with direct access to Kayla's large network of clients who are seeking VAs to help build their businesses. Kayla has connected hundreds of clients and VAs through her reputation for excellence and hard work. Use this secret VIP Facebook group to find out about exclusive job opportunities!

Now you have a choice...

You can keep doing what you're doing.

Filling out surveys for pennies and dimes. Getting talked into becoming part of someone's downline (whatever that is!). Never getting to take time off work for things in your own life. Wasting hours sitting in traffic twice-a-day for your dreaded daily commute. Feeling stuck having to take the (dismal) raise you are offered during your annual performance review even though you know you are worth waaay more. But do you really want to accept life the way it is? Seeing others make money while you stay on this hamster wheel?

"10K VA was helpful in so many ways!"

Courtney Seabert

"I definitely learned something new in each lesson. There was a lot of stuff I hadn't even thought of on my own. I would absolutely recommend $10K VA to people who are just getting started. I probably never would have put anything into motion had I not taken the course."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have no experience as a VA?

    That's ok! I'll teach you exactly what a VA is and does, and what VAs shouldn't be expected to do, too!

  • I already have a new virtual assistant business. Do I really need this course?

    If you want growing your new virtual assistant business and learning about how to scale to earn as much as $10,000 per month, then YES, you need this course! $10K VA will help you position and price yourself so you make a big impact in the world (and in your monthly invoicing!).

  • What kind of skills do I need to be a VA?

    You do need a basic knowledge of computers, applications, and social media. Everything else can be learned. In fact, one of the best things about being a VA is getting paid to learn new skills! We also have additional skills trainings workshops available for purchase, as well as discounted one-on-one coaching opportunities with Kayla.

  • I have a full-time job. Can I still be a successful VA?

    Absolutely! You don't have to be a full-time VA to be successful. But your earnings may be lower since you don't have as much time.

  • Do you guarantee that everyone will earn $10K per month?

    No. I can't guarantee that. But I can guarantee that it's possible to earn this much as a VA. I know because I've done it and many of our students have as well.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts now, immediately after you finish your purchase. The course is completely self-paced and you can repeat previous Modules at any time!

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like — across any and all devices you own. As I add to the course in the future, you'll have access to all the new updates without having to pay another dime!

  • What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

    As this course is delivered digitally and instantly as soon as you purchase, there are no refunds. If you’re not satisfied that this course was all that we promised, email us at and we’ll help you to implement what you learned so you can see the value of your investment.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes! I'd love for you to promote $10K VA® to your audience and I'll pay you a commission for each sale you make. For details, reach out to

"It’s competitively priced, self-paced, and filled with all the pertinent information."

LaSaundra S.

“If you’re looking for the key ingredients to starting your VA business, or if you’re a seasoned VA who’d like to give your business a boost, this program is for you. It’s competitively priced, self-paced, and filled with all the pertinent information. I learned so many things while taking this course!”